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Better future

With your hand, we plant a three

Part of our income is used for tree planting, which we do in cooperation with PATA.

Joy to another

The side products of the brewing process – barley leftovers – we assign to the local farmers.

Less CO2

We care for better future for everyone by constantly improving our production process.

Cleaner woods

Together with Latvian State Forests we care for cleaner forests of Latvia.

We can all make responsible and environmentally friendly decisions in our daily lives. Companies are also more and more thinking about how to reduce the impact of their operations, conserve natural resources through smarter, more efficient and environmentally friendly technologies, and acting responsibly.

We, Cēsis alus brewery, are ready to take a step further, taking care of the preservation of nature and its resources for future generations. That is why we are committed to continue and take new green and nature friendly initiatives for a better future.

We reduce our CO2 footprint

Green electricity is obtained from natural and renewable natural resources (wind, hydropower, solar energy), resulting in less air and nature pollution. This electricity is characterized by two essential aspects – carbon neutrality and renewable resources.

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We contribute to cleaner nature

We invested in innovative wastewater treatment plant that helps us to reduce our water footprint. Our biological water pre-treatment system allows to clean wastewater and give the city wastewater system 90% cleaner water.

In 2021 we will help to make our forests cleaner – together with Latvian State Forests we will organize series of events to clean forests from waste.

We participate in deposit system establishment in Latvia that will be implemented in year 2022. It will ensure efficient collection and recycling of beverage packaging and reduce waste amounts. The goal is to collect back 90% of beverage packaging from the market by 2029.

Cēsu alus is a member of Depozīta Iepakojuma Operators (DIO), participating in and supporting the introduction of an efficient, consumer-friendly and easy-to-use deposit system in Latvia in 2022.

We manage materials responsibly

We reduce, recycle and reuse wherever possible. One of the global environmental problems is the huge amount of waste generated by the world’s population. We can all help keep nature cleaner by sorting waste as much as possible, reusing materials and reducing the use of materials that do not decompose in nature for a long time, such as plastics.

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We care about conservation of natural resources

Ūdens patēriņa samazināšanas ikona

Our goal is to reduce water consumption in production by 20% till 2025.

Ūdens resursu optimizācijas ikona

We employ best practices and latest technologies to eliminate water waste in the beer brewing and other beverage production process. We have invested in a bottle washing equipment that enables an efficient bottle washing process and saves both water and the world’s sand resources that would be used to produce new glass bottles.

Digitalizācijas ikona

As a result of our digitalization process, by ensuring the circulation of electronic personnel documents, we save at least 3500 sheets of paper per year, thus saving paper resources and trees.

Samazināt izlietotā papīra apjomu

Our goal is to reduce the use of office paper by 20% by 2025


We are committed to compensate paper used for beer labels by planting new trees in Latvia every year in cooperation with PATA.

Ensuring product safety is vital in the beverage industry. All our products are manufactured in compliance with strict safety and quality requirements – in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards and BRC food production certificate. We follow the trends of the beer and beverage market and are constantly working on innovations in product development.

We take even greater responsibility for human health and well-being

We are constantly expanding our beverage portfolio, offering an ever-wider selection of healthy and non-alcoholic beverages.

We are reducing added sugar content in our products. Our goal is to reduce the proportion of sugar in non-alcoholic beverages by 15% by 2023.

To grant additional hygiene requirements, we have covered beer cans with protective foils.

Our project «Be Independent!» educates youth about the prevention of alcohol addiction and inspire to make responsible choices.

We integrate warning symbols voluntarily on our alcoholic beverage packaging.

We contribute to cleaner nature

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