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Cēsu alus makes a contribution to the development of the can market by producing the first can of Porter beer in Latvia

By expanding the product line packaged in cans, Cēsu alus makes a contribution to the development of the can market and produces the first can of Porter beer in Latvia. The proportion of can packaging has tripled in the last five years, occupying one fifth, or 21%, of the total Latvian beer market.

Cēsu alus has been producing the Porter-type beer since 2005 and offers it to consumers particularly in the winter season. This year Cēsu Ziemas Porteris is available as usual in a glass bottle, and also for the first time in Latvia – in a can. Up to now, in the Latvian beer market light beer in can packaging was dominant, now it is also supplemented with the first Porter-type beer can. Cēsu Ziemas Porteris is packaged in a 0.5 litre can with a Christmas design.

Cēsu Ziemas Porteris is a saturated flavoured beer, produced from especially dark roast malt. The leading technologist of Cēsu alus, Māris Grambergs, recommends that Cēsu Ziemas Porteris be enjoyed when it is cooled in order to retain all the nuances of its flavour and added spices.

According to the market figures of The Nielsen Company, the proportion of can packaging in the total beer market in 2007 was 7%, whereas in the first half of 2011 it has already reached 21%.

In 2008, installing the first, and still the only, canning line in Latvia in beer productionCēsu alus has developed the segment of canned production in the whole Latvian beer market. Investments of 10 million euros in the most powerful and modern canning line in the Baltic States has made it possible to remarkably expand the production capacity ofCēsu alus and to obtain a stable No. 1 position among the canned production market, in 2011 occupying 40% of the market share in the total canned beer production segment.

The chairman of JSC Cēsu alus Board Eva Sietiņsone-Zatlere: “Beer lovers appreciate the advantages of cans more and more – the can is a comfortable to hold, light, and is a safe form of packing as it completely protects beverages from light. Thus, we are also expanding the proportion of can packaging in the portfolio of the Cēsu alusproduced beverages – if only a few years ago mainly beer was packaged in cans, then now, in fact, we are able to find can packaging in almost every category of drinks. For example, cider and alcoholic cocktails, as well as non-alcoholic refreshing drinks –Klasiskā Limonāde and the cola brand RC Cola.”

Implementing modernisation of production devices, this year Cēsu alus has invested 70 thousand euros in technological equipment for filling the new volume cans. In the beginning of 2011 in the production plant in Cēsis additional technical equipment has been installed which makes it possible to package beer pints in 0.568 litre volume cans. Currently there are two products in the new pint-size cans available in the market – Cēsu Premium and Cēsu Special.

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